Kapangan, Benguet

Kapangan is a municipality in the province of Benguet.

Places of Interest

The following are places of interest, tourist attractions and/or notable landmarks in Kapangan.

  • Mount Pokgong – a mountain in Barangay Gaswiling, specifically at the common border of Kapangan, Tublay, and Sablan. Each of these towns therefore hosts a jump-off point for the ascent to the summit.
  • Mount Dakiwagan – found in Barangay Balakbak. Its major feature is the giant face formed by the rocky projections on the cliff. The appearance of fog or low-lying clouds in the morning or late in the afternoon make up the facial hair especially the beard, completing the image of Santa Claus, thus the alternate name of this mountain.
  • Amburayan River – flows from the adjacent town of Atok, through the town, irrigating the farms and likewise used by residents for bathing, swimming, rafting, and fishing.
  • Camp Utopia – was used as a base by the 66th Infantry during World War II. This military refuge was also reportedly where American officials were kept safe by Majors Bado Dangwa and Dennis Molintas from the aggressively pursuing Japanese forces.
  • Bulalacao Cave (Bolinsak Cave) – a cave located in Sitio Bolinsak at Barangay Taba-ao
  • Dangwa Cave – a cave located in Barangay Taba-ao and reportedly connected to Bulalacao Cave
  • Longog Cave – a cave located in Barangay Balakbak, at the foot of Mount Dakiwagan
  • Badi Falls – located in Barangay Sagubo
  • Pey-og Falls – highest waterfalls in Kapangan
  • Rice Terraces – rice paddies carved into mountainsides which are mostly located in Barangay Balakbak
  • Mount Salucasog – a mountain located in Cuba near Barangay Taba-ao
  • Amkiyet Mountain Range – located in Barangay Beleng-Belis
  • Bubongan Mountain – a mountain located in Central Kapangan
  • Mount Balabag – a mountain located in Barangay Beleng-Belis
  • Bolingaongao Cave – a cave located in Barangay Paykek
  • Balabag Mummy Cave – located in Barangay Beleng-Belis
  • Waterfalls in different locations of Beleng-Belis:
    • Tapaya Falls
    • Pu-agan Falls
    • Cotinge Falls
    • Ginawang Falls
    • Dageyadey Falls
  • Kapangan Museum – where artifacts and authentic documents related to the townspeople’s history, culture, and traditions are kept and displayed.
  • Saint Michael Archangel Parish Church – located in Barangay Labueg


  • Adivay Festival – is a province-wide and month-long celebration held every November. The activities include a Grand CaƱao, search for the Mr. and Ms. Benguet, sports events, cultural presentations, rodeo, horseback riding competition, and agri-tourism fair, among others. As the name implies, the festival is a special event for the coming together of the 13 municipalities of Benguet to celebrate as one. Also meant as a thanksgiving for the official foundation of the province. Adivay Festival activities take place in the capital town of Benguet in La Trinidad.

Map of Kapangan

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