Tuy, Batangas

Tuy is a landlocked municipality in the province of Batangas.

Places of Interest

The following are places of interest, tourist attractions and/or notable landmarks in Tuy.

  • Large tracts of sugarcane farms – First-time visitors to this town are met with tracts of agricultural lands planted to sugarcane as Tuy’s principal source of income is sugar farming. Depending upon the time of visit to this town, one gets to witness how the community undertakes the laborious routine of sugar production. The steps which are repeated year after year, involves land preparation (clearing and tilling), planting, fertilizing, regular watering, the waiting period while the plants mature, and harvesting and hauling truckloads of newly-cut canes to sugar mills in Balayan and Nasugbu.
  • Taste of country living – Tuy offers a perfect get-away from the hectic city life especially in Metro Manila, and one only made to travel some 2 hours to reach this rural destination of farms, trees, vegetables, poultry, and livestock.
  • Saint Vincent Ferrer Parish Church


  • Mamangos Festival – is a yearly celebration among the sugarcane plantation owners, the farm tenants or sharecroppers, and other farm workers and their families.
  • Kambingan Festival is another annual celebration which features goats and products derived from these rural animals.

Map of Tuy

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