Itbayat, Batanes

Itbayat is a municipality in the province of Batanes. It is also one of the three inhabited and main islands of the archipelago and is the northernmost town of the country.

Places of Interest

The following are places of interest, tourist attractions and/or notable landmarks in Itbayat.

  • Lake Kavaywan – used by pilots as a landmark for preparing to descend and land. The lake is amidst hills used by cows for grazing.
  • Mount Karoboban View Deck – the highest spot in the municipality. It offers a peek at the neighboring uninhabited islands in the north, namely, Siayan, Dinem, Ditarem, Misanga, and Yami (or Mavudis).
  • Torongan Cave and Hills – a big cave where the first settlers from Formosa, the Austronesians, dwelled about 4000 BC. Climbing up the hills would reveal what is believed to be the burial ground of the Austronesians as indicated by boat-shaped markers.From the top of the hill, one can also view the neighboring islands.
  • Paganaman Port – a place where fishing boats are docked
  • Small Lagoon – close to the Paganaman Port is the swimming destination of the locals. It consists of shallow pools formed naturally among the rocks.
  • Rapang Cliffs – consists of a forest, rocky hills and cliffs, as well as miniature Arius trees grow abundantly. The area is where goats graze.
  • Mount Diposed – the second volcano in the island, the first being Mount Karoboban.
  • Komayasakas Cave and Water Source – with an underground stream that flows to the sea
  • Manoyok – a giant sinkhole believed to be haunted as during the ancient times, witches were punished by being thrown into what is now described a the town’s drainage pit.
  • Other caves – Northern Sarokan Cave, Eastern Sarokan Cave, Penangan Cave, Do’tboran Cave
  • Stone Bell – consists of a flat stone upon another stone which, when struck with a stone, makes sounds like those of a real bell. It is located below Rapang Hills.
  • Kaxobcan Beach – a beach born of a calamity when an earthquake caused a landslide and formed swimming holes in the cliff.
  • Nahili Votox – a prehistoric settlement characterized by burial markers shaped like a boat.
  • Agosan Rocks – picturesque rock formation
  • Nuestra Senora del Rosario Parish Church

Map of Itbayat

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