Hermosa, Bataan

Hermosa is a municipality in the province of Bataan.

Places of Interest

The following are places of interest, tourist attractions and/or notable landmarks in Hermosa.

  • Hermosa Industrial Park and Leisure Estate – established to induce development in other areas and to attract investments in the countryside. This industrial complex is now a magnet to investors, businessmen, and persons seeking employment.
  • Subic-Hermosa Cyber City – a Special Economic Zone that hosts businesses involved in Information Technology (IT) research and development in Information Technology, electronics manufacturing, and multimedia industries. This, too, is a mecca for investors, businesses, and job-seekers.
  • Saint Peter de Verona Church – built in 1717, it is one of the Seven Pilgrimage Churches that Lenten devotees go to for Visita Iglesia.

Map of Hermosa

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