Hadji Muhtamad, Basilan

Hadji Muhtamad is a municipality in the province of Basilan.

Places of Interest

The following are places of interest, tourist attractions and/or notable landmarks in Hadji Muhtamad.

  • Baluk Baluk Island – a thriving, quiet community of Badjaos and Tausugs whose main livelihood include copra, crab, and milkfish; also the location of Baluk Baluk Cave which, in turn, is a natural home to bats. The island’s forested area is a habitat for monkeys
  • Dasalan Island – a major fishing location for natives; full of coconut trees and mangroves; the propagation of seaweed is also widely done here
  • Lubukan – name comes from the native term, “lugbok” (bamboo); filled with bamboo bushes
  • Luuk Bungsod – a fishing location; also nearby are coconut trees and cassava plants
  • Mananggal Island – popular because of its mountain with a huge boulder on top of it that, in turn, gives the impression of a man laying on his back when one views the island from afar; a fishing location
  • Palahangan – a perfect getaway for diving enthusiasts; an excellent fishing location
  • Panducan – located at Pilas Island; a fishing location
  • Sangbay Big – the bigger of the Sangbay Twins; home to coconut trees
  • Sangbay Small – the smaller of the Sangbay Twins; location of Duhul Batu

How To Get There

From Zamboanga City, go to the Zamboanga Port located at Gen. Lim Avenue. From there, ride a boat bound for Basilan.

NOTE: For your own safety and in deference to the natives who live in this town, it is important to coordinate with the Local Government Unit (LGU) through the Tourism Officer or Information Officer of Hadji Muhtamad before visiting the area.

Map of Hadji Muhtamad

* For more information about Hadji Muhtamad, check its PhilAtlas profile.
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