Tibiao, Antique

Tibiao is a municipality in the province of Antique.

Places of Interest

The following are places of interest, tourist attractions and/or notable landmarks in Tibiao.

  • Bugtong Bato Falls – a 7-tiered waterfalls located at Barangay Tuno; part also of the Bandirahan mountain which was utilized as a hideout by Japanese soldiers during World War II
  • Kawa Hot Bath – a spa that utilizes the kawa (a big pot, pan, or vat) as bath tub; traditionally used for cooking, the kawa is filled with water, flowers, and herbs which, in turn, is enjoyed as a native jacuzzi
  • Lambaklad Fishing – the term, lambaklad, is a fusion of the words “lambat” (net) and “baklad” (fish pen); a fish-trapping technique that enables Tibiao fisherfolk to gather fish
  • Brick and Pottery Making – located at Barangay Bandoja, one can have a first-hand experience of the said activity
  • Butong River – got its name from the Butong bamboo that grows, abundantly, in the area; is inown for the large boulder that may be enjoyed by diving and climbing enthusiasts
  • Malakagat Hanging Bridge – leads to the sitio of Malakagat at Barangay Tuno; gives an ideal view of the Tibiao River
  • Tigbaboy Hanging Bridge – leads to the center of Barangay Tigbaboy; notably, the barangay takes its name from the fusion of the words “tigbaw” (a native grass variety) and “baboy” (boar)
  • Tibiao River – one may experience zorbing, using a plastic orb rolling down an incline into the river


  • Maninihon Festival – 17 to 20 February

How To Get There

  • From Clark International Airport (Mabalacat, Pampanga), take a direct domestic flight bound for Antique via the Evelio Javier Airport. Upon reaching the province, there are jeepneys and tricycles that provide public transportation.
  • Coming from the capital of Antique, San Jose de Buenavista, one can easily take public transportation bound for the town of Tibiao.
  • Note that the Habal-Habal (motorcycle) is the main transportation that gets one almost anywhere in the area.

Map of Tibiao

* For more information about Tibiao, check its PhilAtlas profile.
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