Altavas, Aklan

Altavas is a municipality in the province of Aklan.

Places of Interest

The following are places of interest, tourist attractions and/or notable landmarks in Altavas.

  • Altavas Cave
  • Kipot Cave – located at Barangay Talon; “kipot” means “narrow”
  • Agtutoe-An Waterfalls – located at Barangay Talon
  • Macawiwili Falls – found at Barangay Cabugao
  • Suhot Cave – found at Barangay Talon; “suhot” means “to pass through”
  • Veterans Park – located at Barangay Lumaynay


  • Altavas Ati-Atihan Festival – 21 to 22 January

Map of Altavas

* For more information about Altavas, check its PhilAtlas profile.
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