Silhouette of a couple at sunset, image from Pixabay

“Let’s be quiet, together…”

Silhouette of a couple at sunset, image from Pixabay

Let’s listen

The whispering of air,
the chattering of leaves,
the way feathers giggle,
and the way snow grieves.

Let’s touch

The coarse grains of sand,
the silken feel of dew,
the dandelions when touch our face
and tell things we never knew.

Let’s see

The wrinkles kissing my eyes,
the curve of your lips
and when we embrace our warmth
the worry line on forehead slips.

Let’s find out

What mirrors hide,
if clouds love their gray
and when stars see broken people
do they wish and pray?

Let’s wonder

Why you smile
when I make your heart whole.
And why my madness accepts its slumber
when you caress my soul.

Let’s be silent

Just this one time,
let’s not talk, not hum.
Allowing a hush to live in us for a while,
let’s stare at nothingness, keep mum.

Once, just for once
Let’s be quiet, together…

I’m Pratik from Gujarat, India. Diwa is a very very lovely friend of mine, just like an elder sister.

My hobbies are singing, writing and cooking. By profession I am preparing for some exams on government level but I do teach too.

Writing is something which can connect you back to yourself. It speaks to you when the mind is silent and it reminds you of what you are. It lets you scream in silence.

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