Silhouette of a man against an early morning sky. Image form Pixabay.

“It’s Gonna Be Okay”

Silhouette of a man against an early morning sky. Image form Pixabay.

We walk, but still can’t reach it in time
We ride, but still not quite
We fly to further our own personal growth and ambition in life
We keep running until we reach the long awaited finish line.

By going that extra mile you thought it was good
Do this and do that but doesn’t change the mood
Stressful days become weeks, become months
You feel alone, but you keep pushing forward

Sometimes we keep wondering why?
We remain silent but it doesn’t do any good
We pray to the heavens hoping a modest change will come
Even when we are sick or in pain,
We think not the specialist but Him
Praying and hoping that this coronavirus
will soon be contained

When the going gets tough, we think life is so unfair
But still we keep going with our heads held high
We change our plans, our careers that suit what we want
Life must go on, that’s what we are all inclined to do
Towards more fruitful and humble things we are destined to do.

“It’s gonna be okay”

I am Celso Roger B. Baldo. A proud son of Igorot parents with a bloodline from the Ilocos region. I am blessed with two gentle sons and a loving beautiful wife.

In the Philippines, after a short stint at the DENR (Department of Environment and Natural Resources), I worked at Department of Agriculture-CECAP as a Forester in the Philippines assigned in the different hinter lands of the Cordillera Region.

I went to work in Australia as a beekeeper. I shifted to New Zealand with my family searching for a better opportunity. I then worked here as a beekeeper but now I am a full time carer working in an age care facility while looking after our own hives with my family. It is in this occasion that paved my love of writing again after ages of dormancy.

I firmly believe that life is a journey and education is continuous with technology advancement without compromising the environment. I write poems related to nature, health and well being, life experiences, short haikus and share it to support and hopefully inspire others.

I acquired my Bachelors degree in Forestry in Benguet State University in the Philippines. As my parents are poor enough to send me to college, I acquired scholarship through sports and
being a Supreme Student Council member in my higher collegiate years aside from being a sponsored child by then Word Vision/VSRDI.

I also gained qualification on Level 3, General Knowledge on Beekeeping at Telford Southern Institute of Technology, now a division of Lincoln University. I also have a Level 3 Certificate of Health and Well being by Careerforce. Both institutions are located here in New Zealand.

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