I Love You, I Definitely Do

“I Love You, I Definitely Do”

I Love You.
Yes, I really do.

I Love You the way I love my morning Coffee. Every time my phone blinks with Your name I get Fireflies in my eyes. Every time I see You I remember the the weather of Mussoorie; ever changing but beautiful. Every time I hear Your voice I go through the same trance that I go through every time I hear A. R. Rahman’s ‘Satrangi Re’ in Sonu Nigam’s voice. Being with you gives me the same feeling that I have while having an Aloo Parantha for a Sunday brunch.

I love you the way Grass loves the Earth, the way darkness loves the night, the way winter loves the freezing winds.

I Love You the way I Iove Petrichor. I Love You the way a child loves a perfectly baked Cheesecake. I Love You the way a Moonbow loves the Moon. I Love You the way I love the sound of my Ceiling Fan which allows me sleep peacefully. I Love You the way Ramanujan loved Infinity. I Love You the way like I Love my favorite Song; it has never changed.

I Love You the way I Love to live; Live with you, for you, besides you, around you in every possible way…

I Love You…
I definitely do…


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