The Waves Take Me To Sea

“The Waves Take Me To Sea”

I sit on the shore
By the sea
Adding my tears
To endless water
To find
Those waves when touch my feet
Talks to me
Whispers to me
Of the guardian of sea
Behind the blue gate in deep waters
Gate with images of sea creatures
Engraved on it
Whose key lies with the sharks
Gaurding the gate
Behind that gate
Resides he
The one who holds
the power Of sea
In an enormous room
On a giant throne
Decorated with pearls
Red,blue and white
He sits talking to his associates
With his axe on his side
An axe with a blade so sharp
That it beholds the power
To cut water
And handle embedded with gems
Each marking his win
Over those who dared
To affect the peace
Of sea
There he sits
To see a human
In a land forbidden
Talking to wave
Asking my purpose
With a wave’s firm reply
“I am there
To find what I couldn’t
The purpose
That flourishes
The seed of love
To my life
In me”

–Dipanshu Adlakha

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