“Let It Flow”

Written by Pratik Pandya.
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Let it flow,
The love,
Down from
the ice-capped
cold mountains
in the deep valleys.

where the
flowers of
my dreams
are scented
in your fragrance.
Where the grass
is as everlasting
as your memories.
Where there is
a cave,
the abode
of our love
the walls
of which
are etched
with our passion.
Where there is
a hearth
as warm
as your embrace.

Let it flow,
like you
trickle down
on me,
in every moment,
in every breath…

Let it flow…


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One thought on ““Let It Flow””

  1. Yayyy!!!
    Thank you so so so so so much Tinkerbell!!!
    Me getting a place in your world of words is awesomelovely!!!
    Stay blessed Sakhi! 😍😍


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