“Doesn’t He Deserve?”

A heart wrenching essay written by Pratik Pandya.

He is not like other men…

No, he does not fit in the norms set for being a man.

He is not strong, physically and mentally, cannot fight or argue. Sometimes needs protection too, for he is not able to play the role of protector. Gets intimidated often.

He is emotional, cries silently, gets worried for everything and everyone.

He fears a lot, of being alone, of people leaving him for good, of not getting accepted.

He regrets for not being able to support, for not being able to handle the relations in his life even though he tries.

He needs support, constant encouragement, a pat on the back, a hand on forehead, a hug; to make him feel better, to make him believe that he is counted, that he is important, needed in their lives, and he needs it often.

Often falls for words, believes and trusts easily. Can’t see through the veil. Can’t decipher motives. Pours his heart out to everyone and gets scars every time. Maybe he is not smart, foolish as a matter of fact.

He does not understand complexities, cannot comprehend the unsaid, needs to be told what you want. He has got the worst sense of humor, is not romantic, does not understand that love is intricate, he listens patiently but can’t solve problems…

Yes, he cannot do all these but he tries…
And after all this, I ask just one thing…

Does not he deserve respect and love for trying?


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