A happy girl running outdoors.


A happy girl running outdoors.

Tuwa, katuwaan, nakakatuwa
Tawa, malalakas na tawa
Saya, nakakapagdulot ng saya
Hawa, sa bawat tawang nakakahawa.

Tuwa, tawa at sayang hindi nakakasawa
Ninanamnam bawat talinghaga
Halina, makibahagi’t magpahawa
Tuwa’t saya, yakapin tuwina.

Susie Bangles-Baldo is a proud Igorota who belongs to the ethnolinguistic group Kankana-ey and a mother of three, two curious lads and a vigorous lassie. She spent her childhood savoring the blessings of simplicity in the ili; sidking-aparador, Chinese garter, bebe-ey (bahay-bahayan), climbing the caimito and swimming in the river were among the sundry fondest reminiscences that contributed to her yearning of going back to basics and reviving Indigenous poetry.

Susie is interested in the advancement of indigenous mental health and wellbeing that is grounded from the grassroots. She appreciates all sorts of writings (genially calling it as #KaisipangMalaya); believing that these are expressions of a person’s innermost thoughts and feelings, longings, hopes and dreams. Poetry is viewed as a vehicle that succor in reconnecting the dots from the past to make the present-day an opportunity for unlearning, relearning and development.

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