“New Section: CONFESSIONS”

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KwentongDiwa is opening a section that shall contain anonymous narratives from contributors. Submit your own confessions and detail your most guarded secrets to me. Rest assured that real names shall NEVER be divulged. Mayhap, this could be your chance to voice out your experiences that are, most of the time, jeered at by society. It may be a form of catharsis and eventual healing for you. It may also be a source of learning for all. Send all writings through the KwentongDiwa “Contact Us” button.

DISCLAIMER: KwentongDiwa is not liable for any of the repercussions of submitted confessions. Any confession, written by the audience and posted on the site, does not reflect the views and opinions of Diwa and all the other developers of this platform. All submissions shall not, in any way, contain criminal acts punishable by law, worldwide. Parental guidance is also advised.


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