Confession 5: “Crushed”

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This is my confession. I’ve got a crush on my boss. But he doesn’t know it. I don’t know how to tell him but every time I see him, I melt into puddles. He has a bigger than life aura and I want him so much. The problem is that he loves someone else and I hate that girl to bits. Please, Diwa, help me. What should I do? Should I resign or what? Although I still hope he sees me for who I am.

One time, we were alone at the office and he was telling me about the current project we were doing. It was late and all the other employees went home. I was still there because I am his assistant. You know the feeling where you just know? Like you just know that he likes you. I was getting that vibe. But I just ignored it and continued encoding the letters we needed the next day.

He asked if I wanted dinner and I just said no. I wanted of course to have dinner with him. But I didn’t want to look easy. So I said no. The whole time we were finishing the letters, he kept teasing me. He’s a good guy and he never tried anything else. Yet. But I have this feeling that if I don’t stay away, it will come to us both saying what we feel. Well, he has a girlfriend and I don’t want to be a third wheel or something. Maybe I should just leave that job.

Anyway, sorry for this silly letter. I just wanted to send something. Thanks.

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One thought on “Confession 5: “Crushed””

  1. Dear beautiful,
    Beautiful because someone with such a Loving heart must be beautiful.

    Leaving the job is no way practical.
    And thinking yourself the third wheel is insulting the feeling you have for him. Tell him how you feel. If he truly loves the other girl he would tell you so. At least things will be clear. But be very careful, don’t let him take advantage of your feelings.

    Wishing you luck,
    A friend


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