Confession 3: “But, I Love You”

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Dear Diwa,
Here is my confession (for him).

So I wanted to confess that,
It has been 16 months we have been in a relationship. Yes, I believe you love me. So do you. There was a time, not one time rather many times. When you seemed too desperate for satisfying your desires. You gave me foolish rules, restrictions, which I shall never forget. I still remember the day when I wanted your support, but you without doing that barged on me conditioning me to stop my social networking sites to gain your support. I thought you were cheap, you used me. Still I loved you through everything. Sometimes I wanted to just go away, but I couldn’t, since you were so important. Mostly, you hurted me that day when you complained about my figure, saying I was fat and ugly and not at all beautiful. At all times you have blamed me because I was not perfect like you, not a topper. Because you know? Everyone doesn’t have those “science” brains. I have for writing which you don’t have.

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