Confession 2: “I Hurt A Friend”

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Hi, Diwa.
Hope you’re fine.
I’m *******, and there’s a confession I need to make. It was all my fault, I am repenting so much, but I hope others can learn from my story. Thanks for hearing me out.
So there’s this friend of mine, let’s call her SB. She is a good friend, but she’s immature and stupid, and there are a few things I don’t really appreciate about her. Due to some reasons, I can’t cut ties with her.
I don’t really point out someone’s flaws until they’re a close friend, that’s why, (I hate to admit, but the truth surely bites) I used to talk about her behind her back. I know, I mean, everyone does that, but today I realized how wrong I was to do this. I had b***hed about her on chat with a friend, and today I left my phone with her for a moment. She read my messages. She read all the chats. And then came along the usual drama, which I hated. I deeply felt hurt. I regretted, but now things are sorta complicated. I usually stay on the good side, which is why I feel so bad about my actions. She’s really mad. I don’t think it will go away until a very long time. I don’t want to lose her.
I don’t know why my confession is this incident. I have a lot of problems, but my confession is this. For some reason. I think I really bonded with SB. You’re free to reject this. I just needed you to hear me out. Thanks for reading my childish and silly story :).
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