Confession 1: “First Kiss”

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Well, I was only 13 that time and didn’t even know how to kiss( I still don’t know it). I was in an auto rickshaw with my mother, another lady and her daughter who happened to be my neighbor then. We all sat on the backseat. Me and the girl(she was 15 and beautiful) in the middle and our mothers on our sides. Being the month of December it was very very chilly outside. We had a shawl, black in color, which our mothers wrapped us up with. We had covered our head with the shawl so that chilly winds would not enter and we can be warm. And as the shawl was black and because we had covered our head and as it was night, no one could see us. I suddenly felt her hand on my hands. Chills ran down my spine. Then I heard her whispering to me to turn to her. Like someone under a spell I did so. I felt something warm and soft on my lips. My heart was thumping so hard that I felt as if it would tear me and come out. I was awestruck. But after a couple of seconds I started kissing her too. It was intense, wet and beautiful. I had never felt anything like that. It was like I suddenly had become the king of the world. I still can recall the softness of her lips, her captivating smell and the warmth of her arms around me. It lasted for 5 minutes and trust me, my first kiss was beautiful.

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