Meet Diwa: A Writer-Warrior; YourQuote Interviews

Highlights about Diwa:
* Single mom;
* Filipina;
* Likes dogs, nature trips, music, and words;
* Currently doing fieldwork and research in one of the provinces here in the Philippines;
* I have a 10-year-old daughter named Jaisha Belinda;
* I have two books published on Amazon: Meeya (Book One) and 111 Poems For The Soul;
* I also have a blog, KwentongDiwa.Com; although I haven’t been using it for a long time now (Haha).

Our writer Abhinav (Wild Whispers) caught up with Diwa. In this free-wheeling conversation, Diwa gave us a sneak peak into her life. How did she start writing? What inspired her to get started with writing? Read on! Continue reading Meet Diwa: A Writer-Warrior; YourQuote Interviews


“The Proposal”

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🚹 “hey, will you marry me…?” 😍

🚺 “…uh, why???” 😮

🚹 “jeez, dude, you were supposed to say yes! why ask why? forget my question!” 😢

🚺 “heyyyy… dude, sorry. come on, ask me again!” 😧

🚹 “never mind. not in the mood anymore.” 😤

🚺 “dudddeee…” 😩

🚹 “alright, alright!!!” 😑