“Lessening My Social Media Presence”

A  woman working on a notebook laptop. Image from Pixabay.

First, I deleted my original FB account. Second, I uninstalled Viber, Whatsapp, and retained only my Messenger account. Third, I made another FB account but, this time, limited the people on the list. I began adding only close family and friends, and necessary contacts for work. Fourth, I removed Instagram. Finally, I erased my online games and other unnecessary apps on my phone. Continue reading “Lessening My Social Media Presence”



Silhouette of a protesting woman with a megaphone raising one arm. Image from Pixabay.

When you impose a lockdown, shouldn’t it necessarily follow that you also provide basic needs for your people? What about us, for instance, who depend on having to go out and hustle everyday in order to find money to buy food? Hindi ‘nyo naman pwedeng sabihin na hindi kami naghanda kasi nga wala naman kaming nakaset aside na pera para bumili ng stock na pagkain. Continue reading A SHOUTOUT FROM THE GRASSROOTS