“I Love You”

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It is easy to say “I love you”.
People say it all the time.
What is difficult,
Is to put those words at work.
The reason why people
Get hurt, all the time,
Is because we take
These words seriously–
Forgetting the fact
That these words
Only tend to be real,
When they are accompanied
By constant effort, time,
And attention.

“Love And Goodbye”

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Tenderly, she makes the last note,
she will ever make for him.
Despite the piercing anguish, it dealt her;
Amidst the constant flow of her tears,
She writes the words:

“I love you. Goodbye.”

With a bleeding heart, she leaves.
She goes back
To the smothering darkness of pain.
Without a sound, she vanishes
Into the ruthless night–
A single drop of blood,
The sole witness to her cry.

No one shall ever know
The depth of her heart;
Least of all, the man
Who finally drove her away;
Because he did not have the guts
To ask her to stay.