A Collaboration With Krishnanunni Kichu.
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“I have been waiting for you”
Said the floret, opening her eyes
The first bud of the season
Blossomed to embrace the spring
“Take me with you…”
Screamed the fallen leaf when
Autumn was about to leave
The last leaf of the season died,
Crawling with the breeze
Some are born to love,
Some die loving
Seasons change


“I’ve been waiting to ride the waves,
With you,” says the ocean to her favorite
Surfer–knowing that summer is the only
Time he visits her, each year.
“Stay with me, awhile, please? Another
Moment by the fire? Another novel with
Me?” pleads the cabin, of the girl–Knowing
That he is, only, a winter get-away–not a
Permanent dwelling for his beloved lady.
Some are born to wait.
Some die, waiting.

Seasons change.



“Will You Be My Valentine?”

A Collaboration With Ruftaz Raj
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Let’s have all the jouissance;
As well as all the pain.
Happiness is just happiness–
We might even relish the ache.
As it happens, this ancient life
Abounds with strife;
But, here we are, speaking about
One measly heartbreak.
The thing that’s horrendously infelicitous
Is the fact that you say
You can love tomorrow;
Yet, not today.
When I’m already a hairbreadth’s away
From kissing you, my sweet.
In truth, five months just seems too lengthy;
And, I merely need five more seconds,
Before my heart truly breaks.
Go slow, my love–go itsy bitsy slow.
You’ll be doing us both a favor, you know.
Let’s have today–
Let’s glean the auld memories of who we are.
Make this day worth-remembering.
Permit our love to ignite.
What say you?
Will you be my valentine today?

— Ruftaz Raj & Diwa