Silhouette of a protesting woman with a megaphone raising one arm. Image from Pixabay.

When you impose a lockdown, shouldn’t it necessarily follow that you also provide basic needs for your people? What about us, for instance, who depend on having to go out and hustle everyday in order to find money to buy food? Hindi ‘nyo naman pwedeng sabihin na hindi kami naghanda kasi nga wala naman kaming nakaset aside na pera para bumili ng stock na pagkain. Continue reading A SHOUTOUT FROM THE GRASSROOTS


“Thank You, While I Remember”

A man reflecting in front of a lake. Image from Pixabay.

I remember the days when I was young
I was a strong sporty lad in the club
Fulfilled my dreams and aspirations in life
Together with my loving beautiful wife
Time has passed like a ticking clock
My mind is trapped wanting to unblock
I know it’s just near hiding somewhere
It’s hard to find but I”ll never surrender Continue reading “Thank You, While I Remember”