“Rice Tariffication Law”

In line with the current controversy regarding the Rice Tariffication Law, signed and implemented on 14 February 2019 (Republic Act No 11203), the clamor for a fairer palay price has been circulating news portals nationwide and worldwide. Continue reading “Rice Tariffication Law”


“Of Phones And Children”

This afternoon, my daughter came home from school crying. She went straight to her room and sobbed her heart out, piteously. Thus, my mom who was the one present when she arrived, asked her why. In copious tears, my daughter painfully detailed how her phone got destroyed at school–that it didn’t work anymore. When I went downstairs, mom rehashed what happened. Of course, I immediately asked my kid about it and she reiterated the painful tale. Continue reading “Of Phones And Children”


“When You’re Forced To Dress A Chicken”

Image of a chicken about to be dressed

There are times in life when one is coerced to transcend one’s limits in order to survive. Sounds very cliche, doesn’t it? Although, seriously, I was forced to kill a chicken today! Continue reading “When You’re Forced To Dress A Chicken”