“111 Poems For The Soul”

They say that poetry is the language of the soul. These poems are intended to evoke a myriad of thoughts and emotions in you. Sit back. Relax. Have a cup of chai. Let this book infuse you with life.

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Excerpt from Meeya (Book One), now available at Amazon.com.
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It’s a tiring thing, this is;
The journey towards something—
Something far greater
Than little me.

Is it just me?
Or, does it encompass all
Of humanity?
Or, maybe, I’ll stop a bit, I think.

Not really to abandon the dream;
Never to say I’m quitting—
No, never that;
But only to tarry, mildly.

For, rest is for the weary, the lonely—
The ones, like me;
The princess, turned warrior—
The vagabond, actually.

Ever the wanderer—
No place to call my home, finally;
Tried my best to find some solace–
Anything, for me.

Maybe, that’s just me?
Perchance, this is all
Just theatrical seasoning;
Or, perhaps, the lucid mutterings
Of a soul that’s lost and free.



Meeya (Book One) Paperback Edition

Meeya (Book One) Paperback Edition front cover

“It all started with love. No one wants to create mistakes, deliberately. We fall in love, hoping that the person loves us, too–and stays with us forever. Yet, life isn’t like that. This is a tale of love. Like a lot of women, all around the world, Meeya finds herself growing up in a society where women are still the weaker gender. Love is a euphoric blessing; but, it’s also full of the many pitfalls that may crush a soul to bits.”

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