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“Kwentong Diwa” means “Stories of the Soul” in Filipino. I am Diwa. This is my official website.

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Writing is my passion. I write for work and for fun. Thus, with the constant help of my siblings who handle the technical management and maintenance of this website, here is an attempt to mainly collate all of my prose and poetry into one clickable platform.

However, since I also love travelling, a section of this site is an ongoing attempt to enlist all the different tourist spots in the Philippines.

Another category is a soon-to-be-completed discussion and compendium of Philippine Literature.

Presented, also, is an aggregation of beauteous literary pieces submitted by Guest Writers including those of my daughter, Jaisha.


Let’s all celebrate life through writing!

More info about me at:
Meet Diwa: A Writer-Warrior; YourQuote Interviews

DISCLAIMER: The writings, views, and opinions of the author, in her oeuvres as well as those of the kind contributors to this effort DO NOT necessarily reflect those of the author or of the other developers of the platform. Unless stated otherwise, all work is done out of fictionalized situations and is created for the sake of literary pursuits only. Hence, minimize prejudice and imbibe the artistic viewpoint when reacting.

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10 thoughts on “About Kwentong Diwa”

  1. Dear Diwa
    You, with your beautiful thoughts and words have created an awesome reading platform…

    All the best!!
    Keep writing, keep smiling, keep inspiring…

  2. Thank you for inspiring people to write Diwa and thank you tons for giving me the opportunity to post my writings here as well.


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