Photo of a woman

A beautiful creature,
With eyes that speak
Of a chasmic tapestry,
Forcibly buried and discarded.
She laughs with abandon
And dances to the clink
Of the raucous tambourines;
Albeit, I sense a falter
In her impetuous steps
Sans that piteous attempt
To smother a yelp.
She plaintively wishes
That no one notices
The traces of weakness,
Threatening to unfold–
In truth, she’s one
Of the prettiest women
I’ve ever met;
Yet, also the saddest.


Confession 6: “Introducing Myself”

(c) Pinterest Photo.
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Dear Diwa,
Here is a short essay on me.

Me? Umm I am an immature soul with a heart large enough to accommodate all those people who have made me smile in this long run of life. People say I am very childish. Yes, I am. Also one thing they have always told me “Speakkk louddlyy” . I am silent in the midst of a lot of people and I talk softly, hence 99% of everyone has a problem on hearing my voice. When I get angry, I try to release my heat off my heart, so sometimes people have been hurted by my words. I am grateful for the ones who have loved me, valued my words, made me feel special. I like loyalties, friends and relationships. I like dreaming, because I feel it is a place where you can feel everything you want to feel, go everywhere you want to go and meet all the people you want to meet. And you know, I love writing, getting all the emotions off my heart, also I am a great lover of Java, “The programming language”.

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