She stands with trembling knees
And covers her head with her hand;
Her skin appears too translucent
And her make-up bleeds in the heat.
A weather-beaten maiden;
Just another common, nameless face.
A few minutes more, it seems,
And you’ll see her blown by the breeze.
Yet, what no one realizes
Is that her feet are firmly planted
On the slippery ground–
And that her heart’s fully set
On getting what she truly seeks.



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Concoct something abrasive.
Pour all the pain and blithe into it.
Now, stir it,
With the dispassion that you feel.
Make it even more nefarious–
Use, a bit, of horrendous cursing.
Blend it in,
With discordant cackles,
Meant for evil witches and fiends.
Then, discard it–
Flash it out of your soul.
Detect a change in you?



“Nobody But Yourself”

Written by Kumarpal Vardhan.
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When you feel life getting difficult,
Look inside you for the spirit to fight,
It’s easy for people around to advice you,
You’ll hear about many ways to get back up,
Yet, there won’t be any that you’d want to adopt,
The situation you’re facing can be fought,
In a way that is unique and your own,
As each person thinks differently and uniquely,
That’s the very reason for you to have faith in yourself.
You’d find my saying this mere advice,
Trust me, nobody knows you better than your own self.

–Man With The Pen


“Dear Randall23”

Dear Randall23,

Your letter is a heartbreaking testimony about love loss. I agree that losing someone, you love, is something that may smother your soul for a long time. However, it doesn’t mean that you’ll stay that way forever. Continue reading “Dear Randall23”