“Baron Geisler: Still A Brilliant Star”

Photo Credits: ABS-CBN

8 Out Of 10 Stars


Being avid viewers of the beloved ABS-CBN teleserye, FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, it was a wondrous gift for me and my family to discover that Baron Geisler was, once again, knitted into the story. Offered the challenging role of kontrabida (villain) to Coco Martin’s Ricardo Dalisay, Geisler adds another riveting twist to the ongoing saga. Continue reading “Baron Geisler: Still A Brilliant Star”


“San Jose City’s Yummy Pansit Kanin”

Pansit Kanin
Photo Credits: Kuya Max and Ate Aryan



A quaint, little city in a province that’s known for its endless rice fields, San Jose City, Nueva Ecija offers a refreshing respite from the usual noise and busyness of Metro Manila. I was given a chance to work in SJC earlier this year and the experience compels me to permanently set aside a gigantic space in my heart for this beloved jewel approaching the foot of the famous Sierra Madre mountains (No kidding, I really miss you, SJC!).

One of SJC’s varied attractions is its delectable Pansit Kanin, a local delicacy that’s offered in the carinderias (native food stalls) that pepper the lively city center. Continue reading “San Jose City’s Yummy Pansit Kanin”


“Killing Vendetta”

(c) ABS-CBN Photo.

“Probinsyano,” an ABS-CBN teleserye that is aired every evening, is one of the highlights in the average Filipino’s staple. Admittedly, it is one of the reasons why my family and I even watch television during weeknights. Continue reading “Killing Vendetta”


Excerpt from Meeya (Book One), now available at Amazon.com.
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It’s a tiring thing, this is;
The journey towards something—
Something far greater
Than little me.

Is it just me?
Or, does it encompass all
Of humanity?
Or, maybe, I’ll stop a bit, I think.

Not really to abandon the dream;
Never to say I’m quitting—
No, never that;
But only to tarry, mildly.

For, rest is for the weary, the lonely—
The ones, like me;
The princess, turned warrior—
The vagabond, actually.

Ever the wanderer—
No place to call my home, finally;
Tried my best to find some solace–
Anything, for me.

Maybe, that’s just me?
Perchance, this is all
Just theatrical seasoning;
Or, perhaps, the lucid mutterings
Of a soul that’s lost and free.