Meeya (Book One) Paperback Edition

Meeya (Book One) Paperback Edition front cover

“It all started with love. No one wants to create mistakes, deliberately. We fall in love, hoping that the person loves us, too–and stays with us forever. Yet, life isn’t like that. This is a tale of love. Like a lot of women, all around the world, Meeya finds herself growing up in a society where women are still the weaker gender. Love is a euphoric blessing; but, it’s also full of the many pitfalls that may crush a soul to bits.”

ISBN-10 1980375127
ISBN-13 978-1980375128
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“The Writer”

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i shall write about your pain and mine;
our love and hate poured now in rhyme.
we come alive in the hearts and minds,
of men and women, who read my lines.

the stark reality of a love that can never be,
may now only be a reason and a source for me.
when random thoughts enter the dance
that my hands commence by chance.

the graces that a love–once pure–can now bestow,
are these emotive utterings that grow;
as i painfully write in poetry and prose.
a love forgotten comes alive–magnifies the loss.