“Hand-To-Mouth Existence: An Interpellation Of Sorts”

Photo of cooked white rice on a plate

You love to cook. You know, the way a jumble of ingredients, chopped and sliced and minced, puts you at ease somehow. It draws you into that suspended, magical hold where endless possibilities may yet unfold. Continue reading “Hand-To-Mouth Existence: An Interpellation Of Sorts”


“Refugee Plight Worldwide”

I was merely planning to write a brief review for Refugee 87 by Ele Fountain. The novel struck me, deeply, because of the protagonist’s harrowing narrative of how he was forced to flee Somalia and seek asylum elsewhere. Yet, the book left me strangely wanting. I simply had to know more about real-life accounts that detail the same, terrifying plight.

Image of Rohingya Refugees by the UNHCR
Photo Credits: The New York Times

Alarming Mentions In Current Events

Television, radio, and internet portals are teeming with news reports that alarmingly mention ever-increasing number of refugees who cross international borders and attempt to move into various countries without proper documentation. Continue reading “Refugee Plight Worldwide”