“Killing Vendetta”

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“Probinsyano,” an ABS-CBN teleserye that is aired every evening, is one of the highlights in the average Filipino’s staple. Admittedly, it is one of the reasons why my family and I even watch television during weeknights. Continue reading “Killing Vendetta”

“Don’t Love Me And Then Say Goodbye”

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I’m not sure if you are someone I should know.
I’m not really certain if I’m even allowed to.
Because, you strike me as someone I’d want to keep;
You have the appearance of someone
who will make me bleed.

I’m not really good with proper discernment,
The way that others can immediately pinpoint,
Those who are only meant to hurt.
Me? I meet someone likeable and then–
Boom! I give my whole world.

Frankly, I don’t want to do that again;
You know, like, giving myself to someone who’ll leave;
And you look like the kind, who gets what they want.
You seem too loveable not to disappear.

No. I’d rather stay away from you.
I don’t want to be the next girl,
Who gets to weep because you’ll go;
For, you don’t plan to stay, do you?

Sometimes, it could be so lonely, like this;
Being alone, this way, gives you that.
You’d wish someone would just spring up;
You’d find yourself praying for love.

You aren’t love, are you? You don’t look like him.
They say, you’ll know him, when he comes.
They say, your heart will simply recognize him.
I don’t think I see him in you–or I’m pretending not to.

Because, I know how it feels to be hurt.
I know how it feels to be thrown away;
Like, you have some kind of disease or something.
It hurts.
Being thrown away–being unloved–
Is pure pain.

So, let’s agree to avoid heartbreak–
When someone decides to untie the string.
That’s the condition I detest, the most.
Don’t love me, and then later on,
Say goodbye.



“The Impossible You”

Written by an Anonymous Contributor. Thanks for sharing!
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I know all this because we both are alike,
But I’ve learnt to give chances to people,
To prove themselves right because sometimes, they are.

I know you’ll never forgive me,
I know that you can’t take me back,
I know nothing can get back to the way it was,
I know you don’t wanna hear my name again,
Or read something related to me,
I know how hard it is for you,
To get back to the things,
I know that you look often at your past,
But still you want no part of it,
Especially the people you’ve left behind,
I know my words and apologies can’t get you back,
Because you’re your worst enemy,
And your mind will never let you get back to the past things,
I know that no matter how hard I try,
It’s not going to be same as you and me,
Even if everything was based on misunderstandings,
You’ll never try to realize the truth.

But still, I hope for the impossibles and this is how I am.



“Sparks Fly”

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sparks fly, like little dancing mites–
littering the dark with glittering shine.
the moon is hiding among the clouds.
my soul is cold–lies in the ground.

a tiny flicker, of dusted light,
floats amid the gathering night.
it floats near my line of sight;
teasing me, like a diminutive kite.

the heart that once hoped
for some minute rope,
has given up the onerous fight.
nothing looks good, tonight.

glow some more, tiny sparkly fire.
lend more heat to my pyre.
burn me easy–cover my grief.
the soul gives up–gone stiff.