Confession 4: “His Mistress”

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Dear Diwa,

My story is kind of controversial. Despite the fact that we are fast-becoming modernized in everything, society still adheres to a lot of the old ways. I am like most women. I just wanted someone to love me.

He was someone who seemed to be so interesting. We became fast friends until he proposed to be my boyfriend. He was cute, kind, and way older than me. I wanted to feel how it was like to be with someone, so I said yes.

We were fine for a week. And then, suddenly, we weren’t. He wasn’t replying to any of my messages. I texted him non-stop until, finally, he contacted me and informed me that he was breaking up with me.

I cried, non-stop. I was young. He was my first real love and he dumped me because his former girlfriend came back. He chose her over me.

In spite of what happened, we eventually crossed paths again. We belonged to the same circle of friends. It was inevitable that we’d see each other again. I agreed to be friends with him. He was fine, at first. Then, he proposed something else. He wanted me to be his second girlfriend, even when he already was back with his former girlfriend.

I said no, of course. Day after day, he kept asking and begging me to reconsider. I kept saying no. Then, I disappeared from his life. I needed to keep my distance because he didn’t want to choose me over her, but he kept wanting more from me, too.

I never dreamed of being second best. I grew up being taught that a proper lady never made herself cheap to any guy. A decent lady has dignity, poise, and class. So, I decided to stay away.

A year passed. Two years passed. Then, we crossed paths again. He asked about me and I asked about him. That time, I was already working. He wanted to start another relationship with me. However, there was one big problem. He was already married.

He said he tried to look for me. He asked all our friends about my location and my contact details, yet all my friends opted not to tell him. So, he decided to marry his then-girlfriend, the girl he left me for.

You may think me a fool. You could even call me stupid because I said yes to him that time. He wanted me to be his girl and I realized that I was still in love with him. Yes, he was married but love can be such an idiotic thing, most times.

We are still together now and yes, he is still married. I don’t know what will happen in the end. He tells me he plans to leave his wife for me. He says he loves me. He says he doesn’t love his wife anymore. I don’t really know now what to believe.

I know that I am living in sin. I am a kept woman. I am his mistress. But, I love him and I don’t know if I can be without him.

This is my story. This is the result of following my heart instead of my brain–or not balancing them both to make such a crucial decision.

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Confession 2: “I Hurt A Friend”

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Hi, Diwa.
Hope you’re fine.
I’m *******, and there’s a confession I need to make. It was all my fault, I am repenting so much, but I hope others can learn from my story. Thanks for hearing me out.
So there’s this friend of mine, let’s call her SB. She is a good friend, but she’s immature and stupid, and there are a few things I don’t really appreciate about her. Due to some reasons, I can’t cut ties with her.
I don’t really point out someone’s flaws until they’re a close friend, that’s why, (I hate to admit, but the truth surely bites) I used to talk about her behind her back. I know, I mean, everyone does that, but today I realized how wrong I was to do this. I had b***hed about her on chat with a friend, and today I left my phone with her for a moment. She read my messages. She read all the chats. And then came along the usual drama, which I hated. I deeply felt hurt. I regretted, but now things are sorta complicated. I usually stay on the good side, which is why I feel so bad about my actions. She’s really mad. I don’t think it will go away until a very long time. I don’t want to lose her.
I don’t know why my confession is this incident. I have a lot of problems, but my confession is this. For some reason. I think I really bonded with SB. You’re free to reject this. I just needed you to hear me out. Thanks for reading my childish and silly story :).
©Name Witheld

Confession 1: “First Kiss”

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Well, I was only 13 that time and didn’t even know how to kiss( I still don’t know it). I was in an auto rickshaw with my mother, another lady and her daughter who happened to be my neighbor then. We all sat on the backseat. Me and the girl(she was 15 and beautiful) in the middle and our mothers on our sides. Being the month of December it was very very chilly outside. We had a shawl, black in color, which our mothers wrapped us up with. We had covered our head with the shawl so that chilly winds would not enter and we can be warm. And as the shawl was black and because we had covered our head and as it was night, no one could see us. I suddenly felt her hand on my hands. Chills ran down my spine. Then I heard her whispering to me to turn to her. Like someone under a spell I did so. I felt something warm and soft on my lips. My heart was thumping so hard that I felt as if it would tear me and come out. I was awestruck. But after a couple of seconds I started kissing her too. It was intense, wet and beautiful. I had never felt anything like that. It was like I suddenly had become the king of the world. I still can recall the softness of her lips, her captivating smell and the warmth of her arms around me. It lasted for 5 minutes and trust me, my first kiss was beautiful.

©Name Witheld


“New Section: CONFESSIONS”

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KwentongDiwa is opening a section that shall contain anonymous narratives from contributors. Submit your own confessions and detail your most guarded secrets to me. Rest assured that real names shall NEVER be divulged. Mayhap, this could be your chance to voice out your experiences that are, most of the time, jeered at by society. It may be a form of catharsis and eventual healing for you. It may also be a source of learning for all. Send all writings through the KwentongDiwa “Contact Us” button.

DISCLAIMER: KwentongDiwa is not liable for any of the repercussions of submitted confessions. Any confession, written by the audience and posted on the site, does not reflect the views and opinions of Diwa and all the other developers of this platform. All submissions shall not, in any way, contain criminal acts punishable by law, worldwide. Parental guidance is also advised.



“The Impossible You”

Written by an Anonymous Contributor. Thanks for sharing!
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I know all this because we both are alike,
But I’ve learnt to give chances to people,
To prove themselves right because sometimes, they are.

I know you’ll never forgive me,
I know that you can’t take me back,
I know nothing can get back to the way it was,
I know you don’t wanna hear my name again,
Or read something related to me,
I know how hard it is for you,
To get back to the things,
I know that you look often at your past,
But still you want no part of it,
Especially the people you’ve left behind,
I know my words and apologies can’t get you back,
Because you’re your worst enemy,
And your mind will never let you get back to the past things,
I know that no matter how hard I try,
It’s not going to be same as you and me,
Even if everything was based on misunderstandings,
You’ll never try to realize the truth.

But still, I hope for the impossibles and this is how I am.



“Aligning Masks And Faces”

Written by an Anonymous Contributor. Thank you for sending such a thought-provoking quote!
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Masks after masks and faces after faces, all hiding some little secrets of you.
I wonder how you keep it all aligned.



“Doesn’t He Deserve?”

A heart wrenching essay written by Pratik Pandya.

He is not like other men…

No, he does not fit in the norms set for being a man. Continue reading “Doesn’t He Deserve?”


“Remembering Love”

Written by Shrija Haith.
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Remembering the days when I used to visit those green fields where the sun used to burn my skin, we used to run skipping a beat. Standing by the pond we used to catch fish. I remember how you valued my absence. My heart would swell with happiness. You used to jump through the entire house waiting for my arrival. I miss those days. Now you are not close but close to my heart always.

–Annika Barbie


“Dear Randall23”

Dear Randall23,

Your letter is a heartbreaking testimony about love loss. I agree that losing someone, you love, is something that may smother your soul for a long time. However, it doesn’t mean that you’ll stay that way forever. Continue reading “Dear Randall23”