Even when
You’re at your lowest and weakest–
And you’d rather close
All those open doors and windows,


It’s raining knives and vicious blows
And the only company,
You really have,
Is your own paltry shadow,


For, no one can ever make it
Sans that last, flimsy rope of hope;
Even when all the world’s oblivious
To your acheful, insistent moans,


Because tremble, grovel, and sigh;
Breathe in and breathe out;
But, always and forever,



“When You’re Forced To Dress A Chicken”

There are times in life when one is coerced to transcend one’s limits in order to survive. Sounds very cliche, doesn’t it? Although, seriously, I was forced to kill a chicken today! Continue reading “When You’re Forced To Dress A Chicken”

ConvoToQuote: “Dissent”

“That’s the problem with people;
they think that they’re entitled to everything
and if they’re denied something,
they create such a Herculean ruckus–
and woe betide anyone
who contradicts their thinking.”

“But, that’s the trouble with people;
they believe that they know everything–
that, instead of opting
to seek the root of a squabble,
they elect to prejudge what’s happening.”


“San Jose City’s Yummy Pansit Kanin”

Pansit Kanin
Photo Credits: Kuya Max and Ate Aryan



A quaint, little city in a province that’s known for its endless rice fields, San Jose City, Nueva Ecija offers a refreshing respite from the usual noise and busyness of Metro Manila. I was given a chance to work in SJC earlier this year and the experience compels me to permanently set aside a gigantic space in my heart for this beloved jewel approaching the foot of the famous Sierra Madre mountains (No kidding, I really miss you, SJC!).

One of SJC’s varied attractions is its delectable Pansit Kanin, a local delicacy that’s offered in the carinderias (native food stalls) that pepper the lively city center. Continue reading “San Jose City’s Yummy Pansit Kanin”


“The Kinship Of Secrets”


Author: Eugenia Kim
Copyright 2018

The novel speaks about two sisters who grew up, separately. Inja is left in South Korea while Miran accompanies their parents on a trip to the United States. It was meant to be a temporary situation whilst the Cho family sought better financial opportunities abroad. However, the Korean War broke out which, in turn, resulted into longer years of separation. Continue reading “The Kinship Of Secrets”



“It’s just another dreary day,” she reminds herself, as she forces her body to get out of bed. “Nothing will happen today,” she whispers, dejectedly, willing herself not to cry.

She hastily fixes her bed and takes a deep breath, steadying her mind, if not her heart, as she goes downstairs to help make breakfast. “If there’s even some food left in the fridge,” she mumbles quietly.

These past months have been horrible. Her contract with her old company ended and there wasn’t any other job waiting for her. Being the breadwinner of the family was tough but it was even harder because she couldn’t find anything that could tide them over. What with all the bills to pay–the electric bill, the water bill, the rent–and the money to buy food, mainly.

She ambles over to the kitchen and finds her mom mixing something in a bowl. “Good morning, mama,” she whispers. She opens the fridge and finds several packets of food inside–a tray of eggs, a pack of biscuits, a carton of milk, some vegetables. That startles her. She looks questioningly at her mother. “Ma, why do we have food?”

Her mother smiles, gently. “Your brother sent a bit of cash to help,” she explains, “There’s some coffee and bread here. You need to eat. You’re getting a lot thinner, Trisha,” she adds as she hands Trisha a steaming mug of coffee.

She accepts the mug and starts eating some of the bread. She cannot hide the smile that slowly brightens up her face. “Thank you, God,” she silently prays.

“At least, we have some food,” her mom tells her. “Yes, thank God. We have food,” she seconds. The heavy feeling lifts up a bit and she feels lighter than she did earlier. Surely, this situation won’t be forever. She knows that God will soon provide her with a solution. She only needs to believe that. Because, He always does.



“Shattered Innocence: The Abduction Of Jaycee Lee Dugard–The Untold Story”

Author: Robert Scott
Copyright 2011
Pinnacle Books,
Kensington Publishing Corp.


It’s a novel that chronicles the varied points as regards the Jaycee Lee Dugard Abduction, including an in-depth discussion of Phillip Garrido’s profile–Dugard’s captor–as well as the many characters who became involved in the harrowing investigation. Continue reading “Shattered Innocence: The Abduction Of Jaycee Lee Dugard–The Untold Story”



A beautiful creature,
With eyes that speak
Of a chasmic tapestry,
Forcibly buried and discarded.
She laughs with abandon
And dances to the clink
Of the raucous tambourines;
Albeit, I sense a falter
In her impetuous steps
Sans that piteous attempt
To smother a yelp.
She plaintively wishes
That no one notices
The traces of weakness,
Threatening to unfold–
In truth, she’s one
Of the prettiest women
I’ve ever met;
Yet, also the saddest.