“The Bamboo Hammock”

Once there was a family of bamboo near a rice field. It grew between the big boulders that adorn the nearby creek. The bamboo has a lot of baby shoots and one of them was Bayog. Continue reading “The Bamboo Hammock”


“Si Diday At Si Maya”

Ano ba at sinagihan ng kung anong init sa katawan ng matanawan ni Ka Diday ang kararating na si Ka Maya sa pansamantalang kusina ng ublagan ng kanilang yunit. Basang-basa sa pawis si Maya at halos madikit sa katawan nito ang manipis na t-shirt na suot, bumabakat tuloy ang anyubog ng katawan nito. Continue reading “Si Diday At Si Maya”



She is a phenomenal woman by gender,
Society stands in her way to hinder
Still she fights and comes out an achiever
But even as strongest creation of God
She finds herself always in danger
She gives birth to man, she is also someone’s sister, wife and a daughter Men, the other gender,
Takes her as an object to treat her as his property to eve tease, rape and murder
They prove their weakness by doing so
But She is strong and not weak
She falls thousand times but pushes herself to get back on track and
She is yet again ready to go
A phenomenal woman that she is
Plays different roles of a mother, daughter, sister and wife
You are just incomplete men,
Without a loving woman in your life
She can be like Goddesses Laxmi, Saraswati but
When it is a limit to bear,
She can be like Goddesses Durga and Kali
So don’t you dare, All I want is
Treat woman with lots of love and care