“111 Poems For The Soul”

“They say that poetry is the language of the soul. These poems are intended to evoke a myriad of thoughts and emotions in you. Sit back. Relax. Have a cup of chai. Let this book infuse you with life.”

A poetry collection,
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Excerpt from Meeya (Book One), now available at Amazon.com.
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It’s a tiring thing, this is;
The journey towards something—
Something far greater
Than little me.

Is it just me?
Or, does it encompass all
Of humanity?
Or, maybe, I’ll stop a bit, I think.

Not really to abandon the dream;
Never to say I’m quitting—
No, never that;
But only to tarry, mildly.

For, rest is for the weary, the lonely—
The ones, like me;
The princess, turned warrior—
The vagabond, actually.

Ever the wanderer—
No place to call my home, finally;
Tried my best to find some solace–
Anything, for me.

Maybe, that’s just me?
Perchance, this is all
Just theatrical seasoning;
Or, perhaps, the lucid mutterings
Of a soul that’s lost and free.